1. Driving me Crazy

After driving through the night from Detroit to Nashville I laid down for a nap but was a little jittery from too much caffeine and not enough sleep. I was close to sleep and suddenly six words popped into my head…three couplets: “dashboard drumming, air-guitar strumming, off-key humming”. I had no idea what they meant, but wrote them down anyway. Two weeks later on a return trip to Nashville I was looking at my notes (I keep them on an iPad) and found the couplets. I didn’t remember writing it down, but I suddenly knew what they meant. The year I graduated high school I met a girl who had some rather annoying habits. As we drove around she constantly pressed the buttons on the radio looking for the perfect song. When she eventually found it she launched into a flurry of dashboard drumming, air-guitar strumming and off-key humming. It drove me crazy.  But after a little while of watching her, blonde hair flying, eyes flashing, I found myself falling for her. She drove me a different kind of crazy.


flying thru the night in my ’82 camaro • daisy’s right beside me messing with the stereo • • pushing all my buttons •  looking for a song to play • she’s been up and down that dial • for the last hundred miles • i’m trying to keep a smile • but praying deep inside • lord save me • she’s driving me crazy • with that dashboard drumming • air guitar strumming • off key humming • she’s really something to see • windows rolled down hair flying ’round • she laughs and she shouts then she reaches out • and touches me • and my heart skips a beat • i’m behind the wheel driving miss daisy • she’s riding shotgun driving me crazy • she finally finds an oldie on an AM station • hardly hear it through the static but she cranks up the radio • my old chevy becomes a time machine • she closes her eyes • so beautiful and wild • i can’t help but smile • cuz somewhere deep inside • i’m changing • she driving me crazy • we pull it on over, climb out of the car • start dancing in the headlights like some dirt-road stars

Personnel: Jay Vern: engineer, piano, keyboards * Danny Parks: guitars and banjo * Sam Hunter: bass * Austin Valentine: drums * Kyle Shafer: asst. engineer * Background vocals: Andrea Pearson

2. She’ll Find Her Own Way

I have two daughters. One of them has always been very focused on her future and has methodically worked her way toward her vision..the white picket fence, the little suburban house, the child and the cat. This song is about my other daughter. Look up “free spirit” in the dictionary and you’ll find her picture. Regardless of what she does or doesn’t do, things always seem to work out in her world. I believe I have captured that truth in this song.


i put the address in her GPS, printed it out on mapquest • just in case, she lost her way • warned her not to drive too fast, don’t forget to stop for gas • in case it gets too late, out on the interstate • she rolled her eyes at her old man like she’s figured out the world • then made a wrong turn at the end of the driveway, that’s my girl • she dances to her own tune • her sky’s a different shade of blue • she goes where the wind blows • she rolls like the river flows • she’ll change her mind • get lost a few times • but i hope and pray • she’ll find her own way • her mom and me had it all worked out from the day we saw that ultrasound • started making plans, from ballet to marching band • we laid it out all nice and neat, the private schools and the ivy league • we didn’t understand, she might be making her owns plans • now 18 years, carved in stone is gone like the blowing wind • she’s driving off to see a boy in western michigan • i know it’s not the path we chose • but it still brings her back home

Personnel:  Jay Vern: engineer, piano, keyboards * Danny Parks: guitars and strings * Sam Hunter: bass * Austin Valentine: drums * Kyle Shafer: asst. engineer * Background vocals: Rachel Williams

3. I Will Walk For You

Dedicated to my granddaughter Scarlet and all of us who walk, climb, crawl and carry someone less able…so they can fly.


every journey starts with baby steps you’ll never take • but you don’t need your legs when you make a leap of faith • open up your mind, let your heart take flight • look around you’ll find I’m right here by your side • and I will walk for you • i will crawl • i will climb for you • the highest mountaintop • i will carry you  • on my hands and knees • i will walk for you • if you fly for me • i believe the strength you need is in you soul • the world is at your feet when you leave it far below • there’s nothing you can’t do when you brave the fight • i’ll bear the wait for you if you’ll spread your wings and fly • there’s nothing we can’t do • ‘cause i swear i’ll be there for you


Jay Vern: engineer, piano, keyboards * Sam Hunter: guitar, bass * Austin Valentine * Justine Blazer, Marc-Alan Barnette, background vocals

Video by Andrzej Milosz and Stephen Clark


6. Unplug

I have 23,000 Twitter followers, 13,000 Facebook friends on two pages and 3,300 Instagram followers. I’m not bragging…its more a cry for help. I may be a little “over-connected”. “Unplug”, the title track of my new album is the result of this situation. Give it a listen, let me know what you think. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Jay Vern: engineer, piano, keyboards * Danny Parks: guitars * Sam Hunter: bass * Austin Valentine: drums * Kyle Shafer: asst. engineer

Featuring the vocal talents of  JT Harding